Pearl Flower (gross) light board

  • 产品名称: Pearl Flower (gross) light board
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  • 公司名称: 龙口市吉祥石材厂
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  • 添加时间: 14/12/18
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Pearl flower hair light board product mix uniform, consistent color, the effect is beautiful, with excellent physical and chemical properties of radioactive stone for the A-level, the use of unrestricted, is ideal for all types of construction decorative timber, mainly suitable for interior, exterior dry hanging, stair stepping, curbs, paved plaza and so on.
Pearl flower hair light board is made from natural pearl flower hair light board made after reprocessing, lighter weight, non-toxic, no mildew, easy installation features, suitable as wall topical treatment, reduce the loading capacity of the wall; Zhaoyuan pearl flower hair light board resourced, with its stone hard, bright elegant, color uniformity, Zhaoyuan pearl flower hair light board room and office space in addition to being adopted, more suitable for large public spaces, such as the hall plaza. Zhaoyuan pearl flower hair light board, nice shape, size is very precise, very good flatness, and to facilitate the construction, most importantly it has a good sound absorption, greatly reducing noise, for the rest of users is a big help .

Pearl Flower (gross) light board产品热销城市:山东,烟台,莱州,龙口,招远
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