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Curb details
Curb concepts:
Refers to the set with a curb at the edge of the pavement pillar, also praised calculus or curbs, it is to distinguish between the boundaries of the roadway, sidewalks, green space, buffer zone and other parts of the road on the road, play to protect pedestrians, vehicular traffic safety and ensure that the road edge neat effect. Curb forms of vertical, oblique and other peace formula.
Curb construction program:
Curb quality standards:
Straight Shun degree: 10mm, height of adjacent blocks: 3mm, slit width: ± 3mm, the side elevation of the top surface of the stone; ± 10mm,
Roadside stone material requirements:
Curb stone using natural stone texture uniform mechanical cutting processing, the strength of the stone must be qualified, requires its uniform color, surface without cracks, corners complete, consistent appearance, no obvious spots, color, weathering phenomenon does not allow loading and unloading When allowed to throw, hit, hit, hit, so as to avoid damage.
Roadside stone processing requirements:
According to uniform cutting length, external appearance must cut the polishing machine, the length of the tolerance range within ± 20mm, width, thickness, height within the permissible error range of ± 2mm.
Curb construction requirements:
a. curb must be linked through the line for the construction, according to the high side of the plane of the top surface of the show marking tight, according to the line side yard flat stone masonry, stone flat side to be safe now, should not laughter, sleek straight top line side smoothly, without the level of error tooth phenomenon, not up and down the plane dislocation, both inside and outside the wrong tooth phenomenon.
b. roadside stone masonry must stand pulp, pulp seat must be dense, non-plug masonry joints.
. c curb dislocation seams not exceeding 1mm; side stone stone of peace must be uniformly wrong seam in the middle.
d. curb-side flat stone should ensure that the size and finish to meet the design requirements. Beautiful appearance, part of the side of the bend radius of the stone should be designed specially machined corner stone, masonry ensure smooth linear, smoother, patchwork closer. After the curved side must be manually fine chisel stone polishing.
e. the back should also curb soil compaction, compaction width of not less than 50mm, thickness not less than 15mm.
f curb pointing: When pointing must be hung, to remove debris inside the clean side of the crevice, moistened with water, then with 1: 2.5 pouring cement mortar infill hook to dry.
g. curb pointing, after appropriate security build water conservation.

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