Cherry Red

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Cherry red details
Cherry Red is a granite stone species have wide applications in a variety of architectural landscape construction, mainly produced in Shandong. Processed into fire board, litchi surface, polished boards. Cherry red fire board renovated high-rise buildings in the country is witness to see, but also exported to Japan, South Korea's best-selling rock types.
Physical properties:
Density: 2790-3070 kg / m3
Compressive strength: 1000-3000 kg / cm2
Elastic modulus: 1.3-1.5x106 kg / cm3
Water absorption: 0.13%
Shore hardness:> HS 70
Specific Gravity: 2.6 to 2.75
Material characteristics:
Cherry red color and elegant, large flower pieces, after the shape of the plate surface polished cherry blossom, is the Japanese businessmen to take the nickname "cherry red", according to the color depth is divided into cherry red G3764, cherry red G3767, a room decorated in warm colors Stone preferred environment
Recommended varieties:
White blaze red, red Donau
Suitable for large wall hanging wall, or the square ground, shaped, mosaic, sculpture, window sills, countertops and a stepping stone to get married.
Uniform structure, hard, beautiful color, high-quality building stone, can be used as plates, ground floor, countertops, sculptures, works wall panels, interior wall panels, flooring, squares project board, the environment and other architectural and decorative garden Curb stone material.
Processing methods:
1. cherry red finish: first natural granite sawn lumber, grinding on the plate surface, characterized in that after the polished surface smooth as a mirror.
2. fire glowing cherry: cherry stone surface of the burner flame, characterized by the use of liquefied petroleum gas flame burners, oxygen, gun, flame moving evenly on the plate; moving speed of 120 to 250 mm per second, and the distance between the gun port plate surface 20 to 40 mm, and inclined at an angle to each other, the flame temperature is 800 ~ 1000 ℃,
3. cherry red litchi: litchi surface using a special machine to cherry red stone surface pitting treatment, wherein the processed rough surface pitting loaded, before processing to be carried out cherry red water.
Identification methods:
Cherry red basic identification methods and identification of other granite, the need for a concept, two volume, three, four again.
A concept that visual observation of the surface structure of the stone. Stone generally uniform fine material structure with a delicate texture, as share of Stone; stone and coarse grain structure ranging from its appearance poor mechanical properties are not uniform, slightly lower quality. Also due to the impact of natural stone in the geological effects, which often produce some veinlets and micro-cracks, stone along these parts most likely to rupture, should pay attention to remove. As for the lack of edge angle is less aesthetic impact, particular attention should be selected.
Two volume, i.e. the amount of stone sizes. So as not to affect splicing or cause after stitching pattern, patterns, lines deformation, affecting the decorative effect.
Three, that listening to stone percussion sounds. Generally good quality, compact and uniform and no internal microfractures in stone, its clear crisp percussion; on the contrary, if the presence of microscopic cracks inside the stone or veinlets, or indirectly due to weathering cause thixotropic loose particles, then tap sound gruff.
Four test, which uses a simple test method to test the quality of the quality of the stone. Usually in the back of the stone on a small drop of ink droplets, such as ink quickly disperse leaching, it means that the stone loose inside the particles or the existence of microscopic cracks, poor quality stone; otherwise explain dense stone, good texture.

Cherry Red产品热销城市:山东,烟台,莱州,龙口,招远
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