India Red

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Indian red details
Indian red mine located near ILKAL KARNATAICA province of southern India, from BANGALORE about 500km, went to the mine to normal by BANGALORE, generally take a train to HESPET, then take the car, the general location of the mine is located on the ground in the region, an area of approximately 10km2, the distribution of more than 10 mines, mining methods to the ground surface mining, mining point distribution is quite concentrated.
Indian red stone structure mainly red background, no lines, depending on the color, crystals are divided into dark red, pink, large flowers, the flowers, flowers and so on. The species is relatively stable, the same mine, its color, crystal, such as a slight change in the pattern, the main defect black bile, black lines, red bars, flower uneven crack. Fragmentation size blocks are. Among them, the country with the end of a large dark red flowers prefer, but very few that want the blocks. Mined daily average of about 30 ~ 40m3, there are several large mines, such as production of GME, MML, BTC is relatively large, but not more than 50m3 / d per day. Feet in general about 25cm, the individual mine only 10 ~ 15cm, if there are defects generally allows feet. MML let foot as the midpoint of the ruler to take blocks, then give discounts.
Indian Red (large flowers) - granite structure is dense, hard, acid resistance, weather resistance, long-term outdoor use. Features Benefits granite also include high load resistance, compressive strength and good ductility grinding, it is easy to cut, shape, you can create a thin slab, etc., can be made into a variety of surface effects - polished, honed, fine grinding, fire, waterjet processing and sandblasting. Generally used for floors, stairs, base, still, cornices, etc., used for outdoor walls, floors, and other decorative cylinder
Feature Overview:
Lithology: Imported Granite | Import ed Granite
Origin: India | India
Background: Red | Red
Lines Color: Red | Red
Flowers Style: Other | Other
Field of use: outdoor floor, outdoor wall | The ground outside, outdoor metope
Physical properties:
Water absorption: 0.11 | 0.11
Flexural strength: (M.R): Mpa 132 | 132
Compressive strength: (C.S): Mpa17 | 17

India Red产品热销城市:山东,烟台,莱州,龙口,招远
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