Yellow rust stone

  • 产品名称: Yellow rust stone
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Yellow rust stone details
Yellow rust is a part of the granite stone, yellow rust stone used as polished boards, fire boards, sheets, countertop, environment, stone pavement, curbs, little cubes, stone walls, stone furniture, stone and various supporting construction with stone.
Processing methods: polished, matte surface, litchi, flamed, sandblasted surface, longan face, face ax chop, slice machine, pineapple face, brushed surface, pull groove surface.
Yellow rust stone production is decreasing, hope stone works should be economical use of yellow rust stone.
Yellow rust granite stone is a part, often heard people say a large stone yellow rust color from start to finish and some very different, head and tail are close to two colors, the white part and seems to be very similar to white rust in fact, not the case. Yellow rust stone is yellow, with yellow rust spots above; white rust stone, white, two color difference is relatively large, at a glance.

Yellow rust stone产品热销城市:山东,烟台,莱州,龙口,招远
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