White linen

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White linen details
Granite white linen, white linen Shandong outstanding quality, surface finish, corrosion-resistant acid, hardness density, high iron content, non-radioactive, and the United States quite white linen, a gray background, spreading ash pits and therefore more uniform color called white linen. Shandong's most famous white linen. Large flowers, the flowers and the flowers of the points. There are Mouping White (mine is located in Muping, the national standard code: G3765), Weihai white linen (mine is located in Weihai grass Miaozi national standard code: G3760), Wendeng White (mine is located in Wendeng sun words, the national standard code: G3759) patterns and colors as well as mines of their own characteristics.
Stone Type: Granite (Granite), commonly known as Chinese white linen, white sesame seeds, the national standard code: G3765 granite.
Weihai white linen (G3760) alias G360, Wendeng white
Weihai white linen, the national standard code: G3760 granite
White linen Uses: Suitable for wall hanging, floor plate and cylinder machining, etc., are high-grade green building materials.
Shandong white hemp processing methods:
1. First of natural granite sawn lumber, beginning on the plate surface after grinding, after the beginning of the mill on the holder;
2. And then the beginning of the Shandong white linen surface after grinding flame burner, wherein the burner flame acetylene, oxygen, gun, flame moving evenly on the plate;
3. The moving speed of 120 to 250 mm per second, from the gun port plate surface 20 to 40 mm, and inclined at an angle to each other, the flame temperature is 800 ~ 1000 ℃, before the burner flame to be conducted Shandong White water.
How to identify the quality of the quality of Shandong white linen?
A concept: the naked eye the surface structure of the stone. Stone generally uniform fine material structure with a delicate texture, as share of Stone; stone and coarse grain structure ranging from its appearance poor mechanical properties are not uniform, slightly lower quality. Also due to the impact of natural stone in the geological effects, which often produce some veinlets and micro-cracks, stone along these parts most likely to rupture, should pay attention to remove. As for the lack of edge angle is less aesthetic impact, particular attention should be selected.
Two amounts: the amount of stone sizes. So as not to affect splicing or cause after stitching pattern, patterns, lines deformation, affecting the decorative effect.
Three: the listening stone percussion sounds. Generally good quality, compact and uniform and no internal microfractures in stone, its clear crisp percussion; on the contrary, if the presence of microscopic cracks inside the stone or veinlets, or indirectly due to weathering cause thixotropic loose particles, then tap sound gruff.
Four test: the use of a simple test method to test the quality of the quality of the stone. Usually in the back of the stone on a small drop of ink droplets, such as ink quickly disperse leaching, it means that the stone loose inside the particles or the existence of microscopic cracks, poor quality stone; otherwise explain dense stone, good texture.
In the selection of the finished sheet, as raw material is natural stone, can not exactly the same texture, in horizontal mining processing technology there are differences. Most stones are graded on a scale of. Granite no color stripes, most only colored spots, there is a solid color. Where the mineral particles finer the better.

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