Pearl Flower Stone how to prevent whitening?

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Pearl Stone Flower background was white, black spots, evenly spread pink crystals, suitable for large area paved in stone which belongs to a real cheap products. It can be widely used in the municipal building, plaza paved road road calculus, the building's staircase, floor, etc., how to prevent it from bleaching it?
1. Before Pearl spent the installation should be applied for protection engineering (front, five, or six-sided surface, depending on project requirements) to prevent excessive inhalation pearl flower water to prevent the cement from the front of pearl flowers or groundwater infiltration under flooding pearl flower mortar, cement mortar to avoid alkali metal ions penetrate pearl flowers, causing Bai Hua.
2. Add water repellent cement mortar, you can avoid a lot of water soluble metal ions from the surface of the white pearl flowers oozing China.
3. In the deployment of cement mortar, the use of low water-cement ratio, or add water reducer Reduce excess moisture to avoid the occurrence of a white bloom.
4. Selection of aggregate pollution, such as avoiding the use of calcium, magnesium, sodium and other ions more sea sand, and avoid using more groundwater for mixing mineral water, reduce the source of the metal ions, reducing the chances of a white bloom .
5. The selection of suitable pearl flowers fill the gap material, and proper facilities for the construction method. Good quality caulking materials and facilities for the proper method to prevent the occurrence of caulking at Bai Hua.
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