Pearl flower stone factory today for you to analyze the reasons for uneven pearl flower

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Pearl flower manufacturers not to say that they are in a bad location, but in the stone factory production of technical quality of the stone and stone factory workers who come to distinguish the quality of a good stone whether it is being applied to public places or as a staircase, or that as a home collection of sculpture can highlight the atmosphere.
   Recently many of my friends are asking, this pearl flower bump, is not a problem? Do not worry pearl flower stone factory today for you to make a detailed answer.
    Pearl Flower whether new surface are composed of calcium carbonate crystals, because of the large particles, so the pearl flower pen also relatively large pores, even after a very careful polishing process, can still be seen under the microscope pearl flower rugged interface . So you can rest assured purchase.
     As pearl flower stone factory, the company has improved the production technology, advanced production equipment and excellent production R & D staff, we will give full play to the advantages of technology, equipment, personnel, and sincere service to our customers.
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