Pearl Flower Pearl Flower Stone manufacturers introduced edge processing

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Side edge machining process is to be processed pearl flowers look is simple grinding straight edge or processed into shaped edges. If the customer does not require to be thicker side, you can put directly mesa edge processing, if the customer is required is thickened edge, then thicken first put Taiwan side panel.
This is done in the first place to increase after a small cutting machine polished, then bonded into a rough matte surface, in order to more firmly bonding, adhesive bonding after that, the last clip clip prison setting. Note stick be careful when bonded together face the gap between the two plates to be as small as possible, it is best to reach 0.1 ~ 0.2mm. the glue dry side of the car can be carried out after processing, advanced factory is specialized in imitation type milling machine plus polished artificial aid, general plant is artificial cutting and grinding.
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