Pearl flower factory to teach you how to clean pearl flower

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Whether home decor, or outside the body wall decoration, many people will choose to spend pearl stone, pearl flowers with more and more popular, more and more manufacturers pearl flower then pearl flower to how to clean it?
   1. Pearl Flower Stone should be kept clean thoroughly clean. Whether is a hard or soft texture of granite, marble are resistant to long-term ravages of wind sand and soil particles. Therefore, one should always use an electrostatic precipitator or dust mop and do a thorough cleaning job.
    2. To regular maintenance, maintenance luster. Alone dusting, cleaning is unable to make beautiful stone continued to maintain luster does not fade, so be sure to ask a professional stone conservation officers have regular maintenance and regeneration gloss maintenance.
    3. Pearl Flower Stone contaminated, should be cleaned immediately. Because all have natural stone pores, pollution (oil, tea, coffee, cola, soy sauce, ink, etc.) can easily penetrate into the pores of the stone house down, forming a nasty stains. So be sure to choose good quality stone dedicated repellant to prevent pollution pollution stone.
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