Pearl Flower Pearl manufacturer to introduce you to spend cleaning agent

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Pearl flower there is a problem, we all know that with detergent to clean pearl flowers, keep clean, pearl flower acidic and alkaline cleaners are. Acidic cleaners can clean the surface to remove calcareous cement stains, bathroom scale and often intractable urine stains, metal oxide stains, such as acidification cleaner. Alkaline cleaners can remove the stains of various types of animal fats and mechanical oil, wax and remove the ground floor. Special cleaning agents such as enhanced oil; strong wax water.
Most cleaning agents must react pearl flower surface at least five minutes before there are results, but at this time the cleaning agent has been destroyed pearl flowers, so should be used to clean the surface of the pearl flower is neutral pH detergent. Neutral detergent not only to ensure clean results, but also to ensure the perfect pearl flowers, is the preferred cleaning pearl flowers.
     As pearl flower manufacturer, our company has improved the production technology, advanced production equipment and excellent production R & D staff, we will give full play to the advantages of technology, equipment, personnel, and sincere service to our customers.
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