Pearl flower stone grinding and polishing process

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Pearl Flower background was white, black spots, pink crystals spread evenly. Color uniformity, resistance to weathering hard stone, gray shades are, relatively bright. Pearl flower because of its abundant reserves and mining easy, so its price is very low, suitable for large area paved in stone which belongs to a real cheap products.
Pearl flower stone grinding and polishing process: grinding and polishing stone processing machinery, according to the degree of automation process can be divided into a single block of grinding and polishing machine operations and grinding and polishing machine grinding and polishing a variety of continuous operation with a vertical axis machining are constant. facing, this is because the vertical axis between the tool and the workpiece machining surface contact, processing area, high processing efficiency. currently hand mill and long continuous grinding and polishing machine the most widely used. Walk-grinding and polishing machine is a traditional decorative stone grinding and polishing processing equipment. Its basic structure consists of the main rocker, deputy rocker, the main motor, spindle and pressing means, columns, rocker base, lift motor and screw, handrails and other components.
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